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Fuheng Awarded with“The Best Employer”

2016-04-26 admin
       In December 2015, Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association held “The Best Employer” award presentation in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Fuheng New Material Co., Ltd. ranked at the first place in the award “The Best Employer” of polymer industry in Shenzhen. Such award means the recognition for the staff management and employer brand construction of the company.
       “The Best Industry Employer Brand Selecting Activity in Shenzhen” was organized by Shenzhen SME Public Service Platform and Shenzhen SME Public Service Alliance and assisted by relevant industry associations under the guide of Shenzhen SME Service Agency. Such activity was non-profit employer brand research and publicity platform to bring benefit to the society through employer brand research, let more enterprises be fully concerned about the staff development, undertake social responsibilities, win social respect and also make people from all walks of life and each industry be concerned about and know the thriving and booming prospect.
       Over more than twenty years since its establishment, as the company scale is expanded continuously, Fuheng improves and innovates continuously in management level. Effective management and talents retaining are the insistent direction of Fuheng. In essence, the staff’s growth is consistent with company development. The training, cultivation and development of staff can not only promote corporate development, but also actively promote the staff’s abilities. Fuheng focuses on cultivating and developing talents. Fuheng’s every staff will take trainings in different levels as per the post requirements and ability difference, to fully give play to every staff’s ability. Fuheng focuses on not only longitudinal development space, such as post promotion and professional qualification promotion, etc., but also horizontal development space, such as position exchange and duty adjustment, etc. Fuheng’ staff can also select post in conformity to their own ability development and their favorable cooperating team through internal flow mechanism.
       The honor “The Best Employer” in such activity was also the largest affirmation of talents from all walks of life and each industry for Fuheng’s management. Fuheng will also strive to complete the corporate management system free from arrogance and impetuosity and uplift the corporate management in the future.
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